Designed by Ole Palsby - Made in Japan

Forged from the highest quality Japanese steel and grinded carefully only from one side. The new ICHI steak knife is a cutting edge traditional Japanese chefs knife designed to enhance your dinner experience.

The design is simple and sustainable and goes well with most classic design cutleries – even though Ole Palsby designed it for the ICHI range.

The new knife comes in two versions: Mat-polished stainless steel and black Titanium coated. In May we will launch the ICHI steak knife in mirror polished for those of you who prefer a cutting edge Japanese dinner knife to accompany your polished cutlery.

Kinfolk Gallery Partner

We are delighted to announce that we are now Kinfolk Gallery Partner. It is an honour for us to be part of the Kinfolk community and we are proud that the table at Kinfolk's dinner gatherings will be set with our ICHI Matte cutlery.

Restaurant Silo in the Northern harbour of Copenhagen

When restaurant Silo opens up in October on the rooftop of the old silo in the Northern harbour of Copenhagen their tables will be set with ICHI Matte cutlery. Restaurant Silo is the very first restaurant to use our newest piece of the ICHI range, - a steak knife which arrives from Japan in November.

Out restaurant in Tokyo

The coming together of three elements: the handmade simplicity of fresh pasta with the luxury and sexiness of fresh truffle; the richness and generosity of a glass of robust red wine; the striking soundtrack of Led Zeppelin. And as the 4th dimension - ICHI Titanium Cutlery.

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