Ole Palsby Design


Ole Palsby Design continues the world-renowned industrial design of Ole Palsby and was established by two of his children, Caroline and Mikkel Palsby. Working with the many sketches and unrealized projects that Ole Palsby left behind, the company develops new products, with an emphasis on tableware. As with all of Ole Palsby’s work, the products are functional tools distinguished by unpretentious forms, honest lines and humanistic values.

Ole Palsby Design operates in two business lines.
– Production of the unique Ole Palsby designs, where we control the entire process from design to marketing and sales. The cutlery range ICHI is the first product designed and produced by Ole Palsby Design.
– Development of products in democratic design based on Ole Palsby’s ideas and concepts. The products will be developed for mass production in high quality for third party partners such as COOP, Alfi and WMF.



ICHI is a completed version of the cutlery, that Ole Palsby designed with inspiration from Japan. The cutlery was in 1990 awarded with the Formlandprisen as well as the Japanese Design Prize.

Ole Palsby finished the design and the first prototypes together with the Japanese craftsman Kazonosuke Ohizumi shortly before he passed away in 2010. Thereby, ICHI became the great finale in his long career as industrial designer.

ICHI means one or the first in Japanese and Ole Palsby’s finale will be the beginning of a new era for his timeless design with the launch of the first products based on the ICHI concept. 
Ole Palsby Design presents 2 complete cutlery ranges: ICHI MATTE in classic matt polished steel, and ICHI TITANIUM with a black titanium finish combining supreme strength with a silky touch.

The ICHI range consists of 15 elements, each designed to several purposes. The desert knife is flexible and can be used as a spreading knife. The dinner knife is very sharp and is ideal for steaks. Knife, fork and spoon in dessert sizes can be used as child cutlery as well.